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Yoga in the office

Stress is constantly attacking us in everyday life. We work and live in a hurry and with emphasis on high performance. In a sedentary job at the computer, our backs, eyes, carpals, hips suffer. Digestive problems, headaches or general fatigue or burnout syndromes may occur. We are not as confident or able to communicate properly.

By practicing simple kundalini yoga techniques and conscious breathing techniques, we learn to keep up with the demanding modern world. We learn to calm or activate. We learn to be in touch with our needs.

Uncover and Live Your Potential! Keep your glow, grace and strength.

A healthy company has happy, healthy, mentally smart and efficient employees.

I offer regular lessons and one-time intensive workshops. Directly at your office.


Yoga on your corporate trip

A turnkey experience with kundalini yoga practice. We can create a program according to the needs of your team, whether to include a workout in your teambuilding program or an intensive and several-day retreat with yoga for deeper immersion in exercise. It may include the presentation of a healthy Yogic lifestyle - vegetarian cooking, exercise, meditation, massage, self-care, breath walk, etc.

Where to find out more

  • 3HO Česká republika (Spolek pro podporu kundalini yogy podle Yogi Bhajana): web/Facebook

  • 3HOFoundation: web/Facebook

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